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Immigration audit………docs missing

We completed a mock Points Based Licence (PBS) audit for a company based in Manchester this week.

They employ 350 poeple across 5 sites. We were instructed to conduct the audit as the MD was concerned that they will be visited by the UK Border Agency and was not confident that they would pass.

The main problem we addressed was the lack documents for some employees and for others, photocopies of passports from which it was impossible to determine whether a person had the right to work or not.

Additionally, some of the employee documents were stored manually and others electronically which the HR manager could not easily access. 

We’ve agreed an action plan and will re-audit in a couple of months once they have had an oportunity to get their paper work in order.

This is the 3rd audit we’ve completed this month and so far every company has failed because of missing ID documents for long term employees. Most employers collate the correct documents for new hires, but fail to check the ID documents are in order for their established work force. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information regarding the Right to Work checks your organisation should be conducting.


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